Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Charles Hamilton is BACK!

My boy is back with new music on deck! I'd been unable to be do much d/l anyway so it worked out. It was just in time for me to say...I been thru all the catalogs, what's left? I admit, I was a little scared he mighta went Amy Winehouse and be a lost forever. The tragic young artist full of so much promise.

So, the new album is Normalcy. Fave songs so far are Suicides, She's Purty, Workin in the Lab is crazy (2nd listen: #3 IS DOOOOOOPE). See&Say is hard. I think I'm gonna be feelin this 20Hamil10 too. A lot of these beats are crazy though. At first I was like ehhh but then I remembered I only be likin 2-3 songs per album usually anyway. The first few songs I wasn't feelin, especially after he said he was going to lose the "lo-fi" thing, which is part of what I like. The only thing I dont like is how different songs be sounding in diff systems, but that's more cuz his beats are so intricate, if your shit aint clear it aint right, but if it ain't got bass it ain't shit.
He ain't rhymin rhymin tho. I'm not crazy about the "to-be" studio album "This Perfect Life".

Download: Charles Hamilton – Normalcy [Mixtape]

My favorite charles hamilton album

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