Friday, February 19, 2010

Crush Kill Destroy STRESS

I'm feeling very stressed and starting to get a little depressive. I almost dont want to use my blog anymore because of this guy who just blew up an IRS building and they used his blog as a suicide note. And reading the so-called suicide note, it doesn't even seem like he was writing a suicide note until the end, which they probably just plugged in...unfortunately his blog was down so you couldn't really read what he'd written up to that point to see if it was a gradual insanity type thing.
The whole thing was just too convenient. Guy with IRS issues and flight experience goes and flies a plane right into an IRS building where only one person other than himself died.
What kills me is they don't call it "terrorism" because he wasn't working within "a cell". I thought terrorism has to do with striking fear into people and using terror to control and rule people. Well, saying he is guilty, and did do this, how is it not terrorism?
But still, I really think this guy didn't do it. He didn't look an ounce crazy. Sad though for his kids.
And yeah, I don't really think Kurt Cobain killed himself either. I never want my writings to be used against me. My ramblings and musings about tomorrow...I've always journaled, in the past in the hopes that a future descendent would find them and know a little about their ancestor. I've been wary of the net for awhile, for anything too personal, but figured what the hell, my descedents may hack the ancient Internet and decode my shit. Maybe paper will be nothing in the future eras. Need to go carve some shit.
Anyway, so yeah, I was just getting a little blue, that kinda blue that starts to try to take over you, actually red, I"ve been more angry. Angry and yelling til my head hurt, angry where a little laugh couldn't just bring me out, just pissy. maybe i'm orange then! haha. i feel a little better, just with that little ramble :) or maybe it was the tea my DD made me. off to bed now.

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