Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's the Deal with Pizza?

Why is it people think pizza is an open invitation to beg? I admit, I'm slightly greedy, particularly when it comes to food. I don't really like sharing my food (with people who are already full or not in need). I'm sorry, this goes against my principles, but it's something I think I'm working on. But, why is it every time I get pizza I got niggas beggin? That shit really bugs me. Kids or adult, I don't like mfkas beggin'. Today I bought pizza for lunch, and I can pretty much knock out half a pizza and my kids would knock out the rest after school. Now, if you didn't put in on my pizza, why you gon have the nerve to ask for some? If I got Chinese food, nobody would be in my plate. If I had subway nobody would ask for half. I guess pizza's slicable, addictive, and in a box, so for some reason people take that as license to beg, oops, ask.

If I had some to spare, I'd offer. But niggas beggin puts me in a predicament. Either of not getting full, or depriving my babies (or students) of theirs. Many times, I've ordered pizza out of pocket for my students and have mfkas coming from everywhere askin for some.
Now the kids annoy me too when they beg, but they kids. What do you want? You can tell them don't beg and hope they dont grow up to be the annoying adults that beg.
I had two kids that didnt have lunch, so I begrudgingly gave them some (I told you I was working on my food greed). Because I knew this was the right thing to do. I didn't want them starving. But, grown folks with money who already ate aint got no right coming acting like "I know you gon save me a piece" or "I know it's a piece in there for me".

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