Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peace be upon us

I tend to think my life is pretty good everything is how inwant it to be as far as the things that are really important to me. My husband is easy like Sunday morning. Nothing bothers him and he adores me. My babies are all just fine. Smart and sweet and healthy. I have a home and a computer and an iPod. I don't need a lot of material things my wants are simple and met. I'm often perplexed by grace, luck, or why some peoples lot in life can turn out so hard. Could I be being blessed for duty in a past life? Then I think if that's true then I can not excel without knowin true compassion and knowing I have to want for others what I want for myself. Not the things, the satisfaction. Other times, I might get a little fearful like what's coming? I can't even commit to paper or utter aloutld the fearful thoughts that may invade my mind. I think I needs to stay focusd on my big work and the next level which is to be free from all suffering. I want to do a big work n this life. I want for everyone what I want for myself.... Which is happiness.

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