Sunday, May 30, 2010


Why is it this is the first Presidency I have witnessed that discussed the Presidency as a "brand"? Why has Barack Obama's Presidency been commodified? Marketed? Sold? What does this mean? Is he responsible for this brandification, because of the excellent branding achieved by his campaign? The brand of Change, the brand of Obama, the signage, the fonts, the colors. I'm not sure, I'm pretty sure presidents have had this same marketing--slogans and other techniques. But, why has this black man been branded? After writing that, I Just thought about it on a deeper level of branding. Hot iron branding. hmmmmmmmm

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teacher Fights

The recent Houston video is nothing. There's tons of "teacher fights" on youtube. I find that most are in foreign countries. The latest lady has no excuse. I really think there was something psychologically wrong with that chick.

Ok the psychologist in me said:

This broad was assaulted/f'ed with in some kind of way by a little boy probably about his age when she was little. Look at how this chick is dressed with her studded belt and her tough ass squaring up her arms like she bad. Something set her off about him hitting a girl, or being aggressive with a girl, and she thought it her duty to take it out on him.

The psychic in me supposes:

This aint the first time this happened. The kids are laughin and clownin in the background like ooooh get him get him, then when the video goes back to the other white teacher she's looking like "oh brother, not this again". She doesn't a bit look surprised.

The facts are this:
This bitch (excuse me, that's not a fact) kicked, punched and slammed this 13 year old while he was crouched up and wailing (I think that's him). Point blank it's WRONG.

Here are a few others to show this is not new:

Here are some that are just teachers slapping a student:

This is actually funny and I could see myself coming close to this:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hip hop

I love hip hop still. It's been so dead lately. I even was cheating with rock n roll but ain't nuttin like hip hop. I remember when i was a teenager I used to feel like hip hop was like my mother, then it was like my momma died. Well now it's like she's like an angel watching over me and I catch glimpses of her spirit every now and then.
I just can't believe how uncreative my people have become. Like our DNA been getting destroyed.

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