Saturday, February 13, 2010

Royal Fags

The caption reads the vigor and strength of the kings stocking covered legs contrast with the age and wisdom of his lined face. LMAO!

Keepin it real curator says :
Peep this niggas whole style. I don't want to hear that shit about tight pants and stockings was just the style back then.
First of all this nigga stance is mean. That pose where a bitch got her back to you but she throws her head around all like come here big daddy. Then his hand is on his hip (which you can't really notice for all his fluff and frills.)
Now move down to his feet. This nigga is wearing pumps with buckles, a red bow, and some damn red ass HEELS! now u tell me he ain't Tryna be sexy!
Move up his legs til u reach his garters, excuse me those are stocking buckles. Maybe if you weren't standing like a Victorias secret model they wouldn't be so gartery.
Travel up that sexy thigh to his naughty little derrierre berely covered by layers of delicate lace.
I think this painting was especially commissioned for a lover. There is a contrast but it's not the lines on his race. It's the sceptre he weilds on the table. Probably wants to be spanked with it.

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