Friday, March 12, 2010

Disturbed, yet Gifted Problem Solver

I've become very disturbed by the world we live in. They have taken knowledge and science and went allll awry. They want to increase sperm, bioengineer - which engineer, in and of itself, means it was made by man, so how do you bio-engineer? My world is disturbing. And, I wonder why I see little boys out buying dresses and wigs with their shoulders slumped over. It's a sick sad world. Poisoning of the food and cartoon's insanity.

Well I did have a very excellent conversation with my daughter today. We talked about what rules we could rely on about life. And religion and what not.

For me:
1. The Golden Rule, and beyond doing unto others, also wanting for others happiness like u want for self
2. There is a oneness of our universe. Everything is connected, and all connected to God.
3. Submission to God's will,
For her:
1. you can't just spend a bunch of money forever, at some point it will run out
2. there was another one she had...can't remember jjust now.
3. every human has a gift....i liked this because i like to think that--you know how autistic kids have these amazing talents, some slow person might have a gift of love and piety and truth, but what about really low-functioning people, like straight derrrr...but when i thought about it again, i realized what if they have some gifts we dont even know...we cant even comprehend. maybe they have telekenesis, telepathy, anything. so this one for me...i'm still unsure of.

Time to go....

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