Thursday, March 18, 2010

I don't beleieve this

Here I thought you supported me and understood me. But I was the one misunderstood even more than you.

I thought what we had was stronger than this. I take every word you say as truth.

I think you just speak in general and I in the specific. Do you realize how ambiguous you are or am I just the crazy one?

I feel so miffed, like maybe i've been talking to the walls and not you.

I feel very alone right now. Got me doubting myself.

Fuck that! Fuck that!

It's crazy when everybody knows that thing but you, even worse when they think they know but have no idea.

Gonna get my clarity fuxk that.
Not gonna live like this.

Fuck that fuck that!!

I know my self do you know thy self? You say you know me but I think you do know what you see. I don't know if you've looked inside to the other side.

I've looked in you and it's still dim but I ever quest for the love of you.

If I were musical this would end up a song that millions would make their own meaning to and no one would ever know the incident that prompted it. Not even the vain ones who think this is about them. Scuse grammar.

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