Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prey for beyonce

All these people making videos to show the world beyonce is possessed, sold her soul to the devil, etc et al. And while I don't see it in a literal sense, there's still something to it. That bitch is definitely zoned out. Bit I think what's going on is abuse and psychological damage. I think long ago she was abused prob and created that alter ego shit as a coping mechanism. Maybe she had guilt or was made to feel like she wanted or liked it. So the lil nasty girl would take over when abuse occured. She probably really has some form of schitzophrenia or multiple personality disorder. Slowly as she got pimped out in her music career she had to revive that character and she's learned to use it whenever necessary. Then being in the industry she probably got introduced to drinking first, then drugs. Now she's completely lost. ZOMBIE. So I think what we really need to do is pray for that soul. All the accusations and even my own conjecture are all possibilities, but I think one thing remains clear...that bitch is crazy! But
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