Monday, January 4, 2010


so im listening to a lot of nirvana lately. how i missed these albums i dont know. i think id sampled nevermind but wasnt thrilled. first time i heard teen spirit i was in dentist office. id heard before but it was like oh yeah thats dope. got me thru the long orthondontics.
so then i got the cd single of which aneurysm was a b-side and that shit kicked ass unlike anything i ever made me want to scream and yell and thats the shit the pushed me over rock edge. like before the shit i dug was tamer, funkier - U2, red hot chili peppers, faith no more - but this shit was pure wild energy. And not in a bad way, in a total liberating way. perfect for a teen who suspected herself of being crazy but wanted to stay sane.
and that was that. no more diggin in the digi-crates...well maybe a few times, and i think again, got nevermind again and was nonplussed.
so then...i got rockband and discovered "about a girl" and started diggin again. found this song (forgot title 2 words, mad energy, ass kickin) and then its album and figured i'd get the unplugged joint on GP. unplugged is dope. i remember hearing this album before, maybe somebody played it a few times, but i love that shit. but the muddy banks of whiskah whatever....that shit is live too, but not bitch ass acoustics (i love acoustics tho), it's the HARD HARD shit. i just love the drums, the guitar, and dude's voice. his shit is like the best scream ever. i dont like people screaming. when i was a little kid, i was so turned off by metal cuz it was all screaming. but i'm telling u...teen spirit...i was like i ... i kinda like it :)
my boy frusciante described it as joy in insanity...
when i listen to nirvana, there is so much energy building building and then release!!! i LOVE it. i may have to redownload the meat puppets. what i'd had before was dull. but for now, this is my album to play out.

also kurt cobain is the shit. nigga had lyrics out the frame.

apparently courtney love is really pissed about this guitar hero shit. he does look like "Kurt :: Male Model"

oh yeah and who knew the drummer was the foo fighters dude. i knew he looked familiar, hahaha. that nigga need to drum for his own band. no wonder i like foo fighters tho. similar momentum type songs. i wonder what nirvana's music would be like had dude lived. well, out on a high note.

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